ChatGPT: What it is, and why it's revolutionary

ChatGPT is a new natural language deep learning model, that possesses the ability to follow conversations in order to answer follow up questions, and adapt itself accordingly. When conversing with the model, it's hard to tell that I'm talking to a computer, and not another human being. The responses are natural, and vary each time. They contain a high amount of detail that has never been reached before with natural language models.

Since its release a few days ago, ChatGPT has stirred up quite a buzz in the tech community. One of the most popular features is the model's ability to generate code snippets, similar to Github Copilot. This is a big deal for developers, who can get quick help for debugging and concept formulation.

ChatGPT is an example of a large scale AI system, and serves as a look into the future of machine learning and its increasing influence in our lives.