Presentation at the Township Board of Education

At my high school, we have a security system created by students that monitors student movements in and out of the building. The system, called the kiosks, consists of a group of stations at the entrance of the building, where students are required to input their ID codes. This input is sent to a server that allows our security guards to monitor who is coming in and out of the building. The project was first proposed 4 years ago to the board of education, which led to the creation of the first version of the kiosks. At the start of this school year, we made the decision to revamp the kiosk stations to remove outdated hardware. The new kiosks consist of an android tablet on a stand, with a custom app built by me and a few other students. We had the oppurtunity to present our kiosks at the Millburn Township Board of Education, and got approval to use them for our high school. The kiosk security system serves as an example of what is done by the computer science program at the high school, and shows that student innovation can lead to cost saving and really great learning experiences.