Stata Devlog 0: Coding my app idea

I recently became interested in app development with React Native, stemming off my already existing knowledge with coding web applications with React. React Native uses many of the same concepts as its parent framework, including components, state, and hooks. Because of this, I found it quite intuitive to pick up and learn, and start building with.

The best way to learn is by doing, so I decided to build an app and learn React Native along the way. The app I will be building, titled Stata, is similar to Twitter in that users can post short pieces of text. The main difference is that posts will be tagged with a location, and people who are currently around that location will get those posts first. This would come in especially handy for events such as parties, where someone could post about the party, and then everyone close by would be able to view that post. This way, connections can be made more locally, a sharp difference from the way social media usually works.

I have already started coding the app, so far fleshing out the basic layout of the home screen, as well as navigation to the other pages of the app. Stay tuned for updates of my progress, as I will be posting devlogs regarding my progress.