The metaverse: a digital revolution?

Back in 2011, the internet was still finding its footing, and the big social media platforms we now use on a daily basis were just starting up. One man, Ernest Cline, was looking to the future, and proposed a new vision for the internet. A global OASIS for all of humanity to do whatever they wanted, limited only by their imagination. Ever since I first read "Ready Player One" half a decade ago, the gamer inside me could only imagine the possiblities that a place like the OASIS could afford. I saw it how the fictional Halliday and Morrow saw it, the biggest MMORPG ever made, that was constantly expanding and evolving. Now, more than a decade after the book was released, we are closer to the OASIS than ever before. The metaverse, as it is now known, is an idea that is driving a new internet age. Web3 and blockchain technology has already led some people to buy virtual assets, in preparation for a global metaverse. As captivating as this idea is, it is important to keep in mind why the internet is so great. It is decentralized. No single company controls the global communications network. Sure, there are large companies like Google who have a large influence, but none of these conglomerates control the exchange of data. In order for the metaverse to become a revolution for the internet, I think that is is imperative that it is completely decentralized. It is obviously much harder to make this system decentralized, but as Ernest Cline predicted, we do not want any one company to have a monopoly. It will be interesting to see the advancements made to realize the vision of the Metaverse, and see: is this really the future of the internet?