Dusting off my old 3D printer

About 4 years ago, when I was just getting started tinkering and making things, I bought a Creality Ender 3 printer on sale. I had a lot of fun printing small things for decoration, however, the difficulty of leveling the bed made it almost impossible to consistently print anything on a larger scale. I recently have started printing things again, mainly for my robotics team. We have started to use 3D printed parts a lot for prototyping and manufacturing final components. We have printers in our robotics lab, but I have also run some smaller prints on my own printer, including low-profile encoder caps for our motors, as well as prototypes for battery holders and other non-structural components.

The modular nature of the Ender 3 means that I can mod it as I please. I am planning to add automatic bed leveling through something like the CR Touch, and also replace the bed surface with a newer more adhesive material. I am trying my best to reduce the hassle of leveling the bed, a process which makes me want to pull my hair out everytime I try.

3d printer

My (extremely janky) Ender 3